Thank you!

I just want to give a big shout-out and


to all the people who have been visiting and following along.

I’ve been mixing new posts with old pictures and I’m almost out of older ones –


The hardest thing is finding a friend who will go with me to take pictures.  I had three awesome partners-in-crime in Minnesota who happily skipped along on dinner-break adventures.  I need to find California friends!!

I hope y’all don’t mind the ads.  I applied for WordAds on a lark.  I didn’t really think they’d pick me.  We’ll see if I actually ever get a check – if I can make enough to pay for the domain name I’ll be a happy camper.

Meanwhile, my costume is standing by.


One response to “Thank you!

  1. You’ll just have to come visit me in Asia again. We can find lots of tiny spaces to squish you into!

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