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I still can’t fit in a suitcase.

I keep trying, but I just can’t top Jessie.

suitcase a

suitcase b

suitcase c

suitcase d

suitcase e

suitcase f

One day I will prevail.


I can fit in a tray rack

The upside to being the young’uns on a cruise ship is that no one is up after 10 pm (outside the casino anyway). ¬†Certainly not on the last night with packing of massive suitcases to complete.

All alone on Baja deck

All alone on Baja deck

The door is ajar.

The door is ajar.

This requires investigating.

This requires investigating.

What's back here?

What’s back here?



cruise f

cruise g

I can fit in a luggage rack.

cruise h

cruise i

I can fit in a tray rack.

I can fit in a tray rack.

I recall the exit was less smooth. There may have been some clatter and a running escape to the hall.

I can fit in a big girl box.

Why hello! It’s been awhile. ¬†I hope you are still there. You may have wondered (worried?) that I stopped fitting in things. Not to fear! I have been fitting in things as the spirit strikes me. But I have a j-o-b, which has absorbed ALL of my time this year. I have a backlog of at least ten things I’ve fit in, but didn’t have time to post. Plus fan submitted pics!

What to start with? What significant thing happened this year? Well, I turned 40. And for my 40th birthday my man got me a big girl bike (my other bike is a convenient but dorky Dahon commuter folding bike). Can I fit in the bike box? Why yes, yes I can.

bike a - Big Girl Bike!

Big Girl Bike!

bike b

bike c - team lift

Practicing my side plank

Practicing my side plank

bike e

Hey there - plenty of room in this awesome box.

Hey there – plenty of room in this awesome box.

Special thanks to my trusty assistant – the man with the two red shoes.