Christina Ricci fits in too

Apparently not checking my website for 10 months caused me to miss out on the big news in Fitting, which was Christina Ricci doing some sexy fitting-in.

I fully support her newly discovered talent, but take exception to this activity being called #riccing.  Hence this post will be filed under Fans Fit Too.


Sometimes in the dog days of summer, you just need to get in the fridge.

Thanks for the tip DSL.



2 responses to “Christina Ricci fits in too

  1. Always glad to be on the alert for imitators in the arts of Sara-ing. First (and decidedly non-Fitting, alas, amiright bathroom scale and mirror eyes?) Fan DSL. and First Fitter (Fittress?) SL alike do swear and declare, Know Thy Fitters, and whence they came, first the One (or Won) and only then the Other, in historic sequence.

  2. Hello! Thanks for sticking around DSL. I like First Fitter. 🙂

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