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I Can Fit In Romney’s Binder

But I don’t really like it.

How to Fit in a Locker in 13 Easy Steps

Special thanks to my trusty assistants Kris and Michael.

I Can Fit In Jean Nouvel’s Windows

Special thanks to my trusty assistant / giggling photographer Jenn .

I Can Fit In There… Don’t try this at home.

I can fit in there with Bobby and Margaret

(Featuring my trusty assistant Steph).

I can fit there when it’s hot. I can fit there on a yacht.

yacht 1

yacht 2

yacht 3

yacht 4

yacht 5

yacht 7

 yacht 8

yacht 9

(Thanks to my trusty assistant Garry.)

I can fit in there. Now please let me out.

The #1 BEST THING I ever fit in.

Featuring Molly as my trusty assistant.