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I can fit in – Ohhhhhh Nooooooooo… I’m sinkiiiiiiiinnng

I can fit there when it’s hot. I can fit there on a yacht.

yacht 1

yacht 2

yacht 3

yacht 4

yacht 5

yacht 7

 yacht 8

yacht 9

(Thanks to my trusty assistant Garry.)

I can fit in there at 3:30am

Okay, so this isn’t the best picture, but I assure you I am sitting in the child’s car seat in Natascha’s car in the parking lot at Grumpy’s.   Aww, we’re so happy about it.  And Dave and I have matching hats!

I can fit in there. Now please let me out.

The #1 BEST THING I ever fit in.

Featuring Molly as my trusty assistant.

I can SO fit in there.

Featuring Natascha and her leg as my trusty assistant.

I can fit in a cabinet…

…but I almost couldn’t get back out.

Everybody loves a dryer – Jessie fits too!

She even has pink hair.

Sometimes getting in is harder than fitting in.

Dryer 1

Dryer 2

Dryer 3

Dryer 4

Dryer 5

Dryer 6