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How to Fit in a Locker in 13 Easy Steps

Special thanks to my trusty assistants Kris and Michael.

It Can Fit In There

This is the old Stage Manager’s Console from the Ordway Center, which I encountered while helping a friend move.  While I never worked there, the console apparently holds sentimental value for some people.

I can fit in there!

And… it can fit in there.

Sometimes you just have to let things go.  Especially really heavy things.

I Can Fit in the Wig Dryer

With special thanks and photo credit to Jenn James!

I Can Fit In Jean Nouvel’s Windows

Special thanks to my trusty assistant / giggling photographer Jenn .

I Can Fit In There… Don’t try this at home.

I can fit in there with Bobby and Margaret

(Featuring my trusty assistant Steph).

I WILL fit in there.

(From 2010… Oh no! Look at my chubby cheeks!)

(Big thanks to my trusty assistant Craig!)

I can fit in – Ohhhhhh Nooooooooo… I’m sinkiiiiiiiinnng

I can fit in there at 3:30am

Okay, so this isn’t the best picture, but I assure you I am sitting in the child’s car seat in Natascha’s car in the parking lot at Grumpy’s.   Aww, we’re so happy about it.  And Dave and I have matching hats!

I can fit in there. Now please let me out.

The #1 BEST THING I ever fit in.

Featuring Molly as my trusty assistant.