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I Can Fit In A Trash Box

Oh be still my beating heart; I just discovered the San Carlos Restaurant Supply: Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Supply.  Oh joy, oh endless disorganized aisles of over-sized stainless steel kitchen gadgets.  Don’t let me wander unattended.

Thank You

“The listing items in this web site are not all products we serve.”

Thank you!


Thank you!

I just want to give a big shout-out and


to all the people who have been visiting and following along.

I’ve been mixing new posts with old pictures and I’m almost out of older ones –


The hardest thing is finding a friend who will go with me to take pictures.  I had three awesome partners-in-crime in Minnesota who happily skipped along on dinner-break adventures.  I need to find California friends!!

I hope y’all don’t mind the ads.  I applied for WordAds on a lark.  I didn’t really think they’d pick me.  We’ll see if I actually ever get a check – if I can make enough to pay for the domain name I’ll be a happy camper.

Meanwhile, my costume is standing by.