I Can Fit In Castle Rock

It was a dark damp day, rain dripping through the redwood canopy, the top of towering Castle Rock disappearing into the fog.

Castle Rock 1

Castle Rock 2

Okay, so technically I climbed into a boulder near Castle Rock.

Castle Rock 3

Castle Rock 4

The Saratoga Gap Trail in Castle Rock State Park is my new favorite hike. (Of course I am partial to anything with my name in it.)  I look forward to returning when it’s a bit warmer.

Castle Rock 5

Remember, when frolicking in the wilderness, be careful where you lunch.

2 responses to “I Can Fit In Castle Rock

  1. 1: Will you be wearing a toga?
    2: I have some of these that I need to send you.
    3: I miss hiking. The full-day hike is not really Ryan’s thing.

    • Hey lady,
      1. My fallback Halloween costume is a toga with cut-up slinkies sewn all over it (SaraToga Springs!! Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all day.)
      2.Please do! I have a couple of Gelati pics but I think I’m missing one. Should have done that one the summer.
      3. Just find a superhero who hikes and then he can get the appropriate costume and he’ll be way into it. ;-0

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