My Dad Can Fit in a Vase

We may be guilty of photographic trickery, but it’s my dad!

Dad in a Vase

There’s lots to see at the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art in Memphis.

2 responses to “My Dad Can Fit in a Vase

  1. Hello Mrs. Sara.
    Sometime Watching this blog interesting.
    I Impressed ( this photo. Your pose like a one of small ball. Lovely.

    If you recieved my request, Can you perform my request?
    My Request is…
    Curl into small ball and ( Fit in ball or Ball-like object of Tightly fitting-size.

    Sorry Because My English is too bad.(Especially Grammar) but, if you understand my reply, i am pleasureful enough.

    ps. I reply in this post because not found guestbook space in this blog

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