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My Dad Can Fit in a Vase

We may be guilty of photographic trickery, but it’s my dad!

Dad in a Vase

There’s lots to see at the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art in Memphis.

Star Catcher Fits In A Clown Car

Carrie knows how to roll at the Ringling Circus Museum.

Carrie in a Clown Car

She Can Fit In A Carry-On

I can’t believe Jessie got to this before I did. Everybody loves a suitcase! And right now I love everything about Jessie.

Carry on …

1 Green Suitcase

2 Green Suitcase

3 Green Suitcase

4 Green Suitcase

5 Suitcase

6 Green Suitcase

Baby In A Bin

More or Less creepy than Bobby & Margaret?

1 rubbish bin

2 rubbish bin

Kristy Can Fit In A Laundry Basket

Now Presenting… Kristy in a Basket!

Like Elf on a Shelf, everyone should have one.

Kristy in a basket

She Can Fit In A Cart

I scream, You scream, We all scream GELATO!

Steph gelati 1

Steph gelati 2

Steph gelati 3

Let’s give a big round of applause to my trusty assistant Steph. You  may remember Steph from her debut performance as an adorable vampire in I can fit in there with Bobby and Margaret.

And thank you also Ryan, who helped.

My Lil’est Fan

According to Mum, Joe couldn’t stop talking about getting into a locker at the Y.

I love how seriously he’s taking it.  As one should.

Can She Fit on the Subway?

I appreciate Jessie’s alternative take on Fitting In.

Can she fit on the subway in Beijing?


Just put it in storage.

I have warped, er,  inspired a generation.

Mom says, “Peace at last.”

Thanks so much Hayley, Joe and Lucas!  You made my day.

Everybody Loves a Dryer

Three cheers for my new friend Heather Marie who also can fit in a dryer.