I can fit in a chandelier

When I said I was trapped at work…

Cutie pie fits in a box

Just for the joy of it.

I can pee in there

Digging through old photos…

Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the UK with a summit of 4,413′.

Everybody pees in the observatory ruins.


And to think I didn’t used to be outdoorsy.

I can fit in stone

I begged Jessie to give me that hat, but she took it back because the yarn was discontinued and she couldn’t make a new one. That was before she created a knitting empire.

I can fit in a glass closet

This little library was just waiting for me.

Thank you for the Facebook tour Richard and Alyssa.

How does this even happen??

I understand how this could happen.

Fitting in is often easier than getting out.

How Does This Even Happen?

From Bored Panda Šarūnė Mac




Just a box

I can fit in a duffel bag

You too can fit in an Explorer Rolling 30-inch Duffel Bag for the low, low price of $35.60.


Sister in a box

With Leah I share genotypes

and abiding love of stripes.

I can fit in a trash can

Thanks to cheerful photographer Lily