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I Can Fit In A Castle Window

There were many nooks and crannies at Bolsover Castle.  And many windows to peek through.

1 Castle3 Castle4 Castle5 Castle2 Castle

6 Castle7 Castle8 Castle9 Castle

I Can Fit In Bolsover Castle

During the short time we lived in England we visited EVERY SINGLE CASTLE in the kingdom. If only I’d had a huge flowing dress or maybe a Steampunk get-up so I could have run through the ruins posing dramatically while throwing flowers or holding an oversized pocketwatch.

Learn more about Bolsover Castle.

I Can Fit In Wales

Ha-ha!  You thought I was a bad speller who was about to get all Pinocchio in one of these:

But instead I’m in one of these:

Conwy Castle* to be exact, near Llandudno Junction just down the A55 from Dwgyfylchi.

*I believe that’s Caernnwwyyy in the original Welsh.

Oh no!  IT’S attacking from ye ollde brith pantryy.

Quick – blind it with the camera flash!  Aaaahhhhhh!