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I can fit in my birthday present

Let us reminisce of birthdays past. When I was but a lass of 38 my man gave me this fantastic gift. Grill, baby, grill!

grill 1

grill 2

grill 3

grill 4

grill 5


I still can’t fit in a suitcase.

I keep trying, but I just can’t top Jessie.

suitcase a

suitcase b

suitcase c

suitcase d

suitcase e

suitcase f

One day I will prevail.

I Can Fit in a Firetruck

This post has been smoldering for awhile. It took a few months to sniff out the photos (note to self: use only my camera).

A great thing about my neighborhood is that everybody knows each other. We have a neighborhood contact list. And block captains. And block parties. I have never experienced this before.

On Independence Day they (the block captains?) get a permit to shut down the street to cars, and everybody brings food, and one of the People With Children rents a bouncy castle for the whole neighborhood, and everybody gets drunk by noon on Chardonnay, and nobody has to drive anywhere. It’s fun, in a suburbia kind of way. And people seem to like us.

Anyway, there’s an initiative here on the peninsula to raise awareness about the dangers of fireworks – like hey don’t shoot off bottle rockets and accidentally burn down an entire wilderness area. If you contact the fire department and let them know that you’re having a block party, they’ll send a firetruck to visit your block.

firetruck 1

As this is a Public Relations effort, only the hottest of firefighters are out representing the department. Kids love it!firetruck 2

The ladies love it. firetruck 3

I too approached the handsome fireman for a picture. firetruck 4

But I would never objectify men. There is another item on the agenda. firetruck 5

Note: The key here is Surprise. If you ask permission ahead of time, people tend to come up with a reason to say No. But if you ambush someone with a strange but innocuous request, they’ll say yes before they can think of a good reason to say no. But you have to be fast about it. Hence, Flash Fitting. Take this guy for instance. He’s like, “What the F is going on here in the suburbs?” firetruck 6   firetruck 7 Happy 4th of July!

I Can Fit in a Shopping Cart

Thank you to my trusty assistants Emily and Gillian.

cart v

cart b

cart e

cart d

cart h

cart i

cart o

cart r


I Can Fit in a Cupcake


And not just any cupcake… a cupcake car! Sadly, I did not get to cruise around in a cupcake. I’m sure there’s a waiting list to be staff.

I am now a Maker Faire fanatic. And a cupcake car fan. Extra special thanks to the guy at Acme Muffineering who let me get in one despite the Staff Only rules. I’m pretty sure he paid for his kindness by having to fend off 50 children after I jumped out. Here are some cupcakes in action.

And here is something else cool we saw. A giant silent robot pod.

I Can Fit In A Cake

I booked a gig!  The party took priority over the photos.  As it should.

Cue the music…

I am available for parties in the Bay Area!

I Can Fit In A Basket

My trusty assistant Dana and I hit the World Market searching for the ideal basket to store her most treasured items.