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What does it feel like to be a prop?

(I can fit in a prop box…)

I guess I’ll wait here.

Is this my preset?

Do I go on soon?

Thanks Jenn James again for taking photos.

“There’s a body in the window seat.”

I can fit in there…

with Mr. Hoskins

And Mr. Spinalzo.

Happy Halloween!

photography by Jenn James

I Can Fit In Romney’s Binder

But I don’t really like it.

I Can Fit In Wales

Ha-ha!  You thought I was a bad speller who was about to get all Pinocchio in one of these:

But instead I’m in one of these:

Conwy Castle* to be exact, near Llandudno Junction just down the A55 from Dwgyfylchi.

*I believe that’s Caernnwwyyy in the original Welsh.

Oh no!  IT’S attacking from ye ollde brith pantryy.

Quick – blind it with the camera flash!  Aaaahhhhhh!

How to Fit in a Locker in 13 Easy Steps

Special thanks to my trusty assistants Kris and Michael.

I Can Fit In A Cake

I booked a gig!  The party took priority over the photos.  As it should.

Cue the music…

I am available for parties in the Bay Area!

I Can Fit in the Wig Dryer

With special thanks and photo credit to Jenn James!

I Can Fit In Jean Nouvel’s Windows

Special thanks to my trusty assistant / giggling photographer Jenn .

I can escape from there.

I Can Fit In There… Don’t try this at home.